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Roadmap - First Revelation

Gratitude - Self-Awareness - Accountability - Optimism - Empathy - Kindness - Tenacity - Curiosity - Patience - Conviction - Humility - Ambition - Kind Candor


Chapter 1: The Rebirth Of A Legend

The Genesis. The Oracles meet in a magical location to open the space-time gap that will connect them with the mythical city of Veel-Tark, the game board on which the rules, characters and adventures will be developed.

The Revelation. The chroniclers and logologists, remembering the reborn city, start publishing the first news in NFT format, to document the Veel-Tark legends.

The Call. The 5 arcane factions of knowledge are founded. The doors open to the different guilds that will participate in the organization of the city, creating in Discord the magical space that the ancient initiates will refer to as "The Game".


Chapter 2: The Beginning Of The Game

The repopulation. The initial missions are agreed and granted to the vernacular citizens, those pioneers who make up the first guilds to repopulate the city.

The Prophecy. The 55 tokens of Khepri, the symbol that prophesies the ascension of Veel-Tark, come to light to reward the OG, known as “vernacular”, after executing the first missions.


Chapter 3: The Community of Veel-Tark

The Alliance. The Oracles conjure up arcane powers to let the community of citizens guide the future of Veel-Tark and the game through an experimental voting system.

The prerogative. Veel-Tark grants citizens all commercial rights to their NFTs as long as they are part of their heritage, with freedom to use their content as and where they wish.

The Reward. Veel-Tark offers its first airdrops to the community as a gift to the most active factions, lodges and citizens.


Chapter 4: The Way to the light

The Conjunction. Veel-Tark establishes special missions that seek to satisfy the arcane powers so that they help them cross their universe with the Veefriend community and become part of the Pre-Launch Program.

The Thesaurus. The arcane powers that were conjured by the Oracles unearth part of the 5555 vernacular tokens. 555 of them will be given as an offering to the Veefriend community.

The Strategy. All citizens and factions have already defined their missions and know their attributions for the great meeting of the Veecon, in which the Prophecy of Khepri will begin to be revealed.


Chapter 5: Khepri’s Prophecy

The Incantation. The Oracles invoke the ancient powers of Khepri to transcend the virtual level, where the great assets of the game that are the NFTs move, and to project the magic of Veel-Tark on the real level.

The Transmutation. The first live adventure takes shape at Veecon 2022, representing the beginning of the prophecy. Knowledge seeks to break through. Transmutation to physical space is the first step towards the Veel-Tark ascension.

The Cycle. After their first live adventure, the community begins to work to prepare the next meeting at Veecon 2023, where the second revelation of Khepri's Prophecy will take place...

The NFT Crap News

This is our first NFT experiment. The main purpose is to share good advices and interesting knowledge with the community. We post a piece of news on the 5th of every month and register it as NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs will be very powerful in the LARP game as prize for those early adopters who support our project. Don't loose the chance, there are just 5 in English and another 5 in Spanish of each piece of news.

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Vol 6. The Roadmap

We are building a great role gaming experience using NFTs to meet the virtual plane with the real one. We have designed a roadmap displayed in five chapters.

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Vol 5. The Project

Have you ever played live role games, enigmas, escape rooms or puzzles? NFT-Crap aims to connect the virtual world with the real one through a game.

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Vol 4. Fake NFT

As NFTs become more popular, so do scammers. Some artists have already reported being plagiarized. Learn why these digital assets can be a turning point for artists and intellectual property.

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Vol 3. Gas Fee

High prices on gas fees are affecting the normal activity of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. It has even become a barrier for nouveau artists. Here are three hacks to deal with it.

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Vol 2. Hard Wallet

Do you feel your NFTs and funds are safe in your wallet? Only protected by a strong password with letters, numbers and special characters? They are not. Please, read this article ASAP.

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Vol 1. The Noble Numbat Lava Case

The Noble Numbat lava case was one of a kind. It taught us a lesson from a huge mistake committed while purchasing an NFT but also embraced the value of a great community and its solidarity.

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The Oracles

Pablo Fernández-Maquieira

Product Manager, compromised with innovation, technology and people. Passionate about blockchain, cryptos and its potential for the future. Always seeks adventure through LARP.

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Clio Beruete

Journalist and communication enthusiast. Going where the future goes and embracing what technology brings.

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Iago Fernández-Cedrón

Computer engineer and entrepreneur. Has been studying cryptos and blockchain as long as he can remember.

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Daniel Garrido

Software engineer and tireless learner. Living with passion this new age of blockchain and NFTs.

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